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If you have trouble getting to sleep, find yourself constantly tossing and turning, just can’t switch off your mind or restless legs; then you may be suffering from a mineral deficiency.


In this package you will find Hydro Cal, a unique formulation of all the minerals required to assist you in a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP.


In addition to the Hydro Cal, you will find the superior Japanese Hypo-allergenic Footsies to be applied to the soles of the feet as this location is where most of the nerves in the body end. The far infrared rays emitted from these gentle detox patches promotes both improved circulation and removes toxins from the body while you sleep.


Bundle contains: 1 x 210gram tub of HydroCal, 1 x box Footsie Tranquility 20 Patches





1. Add 1 level teaspoon of Hydro Cal to 150ml of water take half an hour before


2. Apply one Footsie Patch to the sole of each foot before you go to bed each

night for the full ten days.


Wake up feeling invigorated and ready to start a new day.


(Remove patches in the shower)


Bundle includes: 1 x 210g HydroCal, 1 x box Footsie Hypo-allergenic 20 Patches

Insomnia Bundle

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