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These Spiky Acupressure Rings Are Like “Self-Care” Fidget Spinners. ... Acupressure, which operates in similar ways to acupuncture, does not puncture the skin, but instead applies pressure to certain points. In the case of these rings, through little triangular shaped points that stimulate various parts of your fingers.

You may experience great results when used for arthritis, swollen knuckles/joints, to repair scar tissue, nerve damage and much more.

Also available in ‘bracelet’ which is perfect for RSI pain, gout etc. 

Suggested Use. Choose one or more fingers and gently roll the Relax-O-Ring up and down each finger evenly from top to bottom. Massage each finger for 3-5 minutes to relax and unwind. Test what works best for you – everyone is unique, so you may wish to vary your massage time.

Acupressure Ring & Bracelet

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