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Easy Move


May provide relief for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia symptoms, specifically joint and muscle pain. May assist in raising energy levels and improve vitality.May assist in improved digestive function.

Easy Move Joint and Muscle Formula.

For improved joint mobility and muscle function. All natural ingredients; Organic MSM, Malic Acid, Mannitol, Glucosamine and Natural Flavour.


Malic Acid is present in apples, currants and most tart fruits. It helps to stimulate the metabolism and improve energy levels. It helps reduce fatigue, pain and tenderness in muscles. When athletes supplement with Malic acid, a significant increase in anaerobic endurance is noted.

Malic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and binds to aluminium in the brain and also balances body Ph. Malic acid is considered to be nontoxic and has GRAS status.


MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) is an organic sulphur compound. Sulphur naturally occurs in small amounts of many foods but is easily destroyed by food processing. Sulphur is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the body. Although half in the body’s sulphur is concentrated in the muscles, skin, and bones, it is also important for many enzymes, hormones, and antibodies and is an essential nutrient for healthy cartilage. MSM may relieve lung conditions, sinusitis, asthma, hay fever, heartburn, and constipation. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle spasm, eases arthritic pain, enhances circulation, and softens scar tissue. Lactic acid build-up in the muscles can be relieved by MSM, making it an appropriate supplement for athletes. MSM is considered to be nontoxic.


Glucosamine is a natural substance (called an amino sugar) that is found in healthy cartilage and synovial fluid, both of which cushion your joints. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage in your joints deteriorates, causing pain and stiffness. The pain can be especially excruciating as the cartilage deteriorates causing bone to rub against bone.


Mannitol is found widely in nature, including most plants. It has a low glycaemic index and therefore does not increase blood glucose, making it a suitable sweetener for people with diabetes.

Peppermint/Blueberry/Vanilla flavour: 100% natural Australian flavour.

Contraindications: Easy Move may detox certain individuals. A very small percentage of people who are allergic to medical sulphur drugs may react to this formula.


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Easy Move Joint & Muscle Formula

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