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Get ready to have fresher looking skin and to feel energised as your body becomes less toxic. Footsies removes toxins while assisting to improve poor circulation and swelling.

Heavy metals are some of the most destructive toxins that end up in our bodies and they are hidden in everyday products. With many heavy metals blocking the body's ability to absorb various nutrients a build up can interfere with the normal functioning of the body and result in an array of illnesses. An estimated 25% of the population suffers from some form of heavy metal toxicity.

The Footsies Program harnesses the power of traditional Eastern therapies, mixes them together with Eastern herbs and unites with today's most advanced scientific innovations 

Embrace the power of nature. 

Footsies are an easy to use, all natural toxic absorbing detox foot patch. 

We can take positive steps every single day to help us wake up feeling revitalised and with a healthy glow. The unique Footsies range is enriched with a very selective high quality wood and bamboo vinegar to revitalise and absorb the toxins released from your feet.

Footsies are highly recommended if you:

Have high levels of toxicity;

Use standard shampoos and conditioners;

Consume caffeine or sugar;

Often eat fast, fried or refined foods;

Regularly wear makeup or use creams that are not 100% natural;

Smoke or drink alcohol;

Live or travel in highly polluted areas;

Or experience poor circulation and swelling.


So, how do Footsies work ?

The bottom of the foot is the location where most of the nerves in the body end. Far infrared rays emitted from the detox foot patch promotes increased blood flow and moves the toxins out of the body. Placing the foot patch on your feet helps detox the body, with toxins being released through the soles of your feet and absorbed by the foot patches. In addition to removing toxins Footsies assists with poor circulation and swelling.


*XTRA (with red pepper for extra strength)

Our original patches, mixed with red pepper for extra strength, has an undisputed capacity to soothe the senses, refresh the mind and give your detox an extra kick.

*TRANQUILITY (contains 70% tourmaline)

We took our famed wood and bamboo vinegar patches and added tourmaline. Tourmaline is legendary for being one of the only minerals with the ability to emit far infrared heat and negative ions providing your system with a liberating, calming energy.

*HYPOALLERGENIC (free from shellfish and red pepper)

These patches are great for vegans and people with allergies as they are free of chitosan and pepper.

Footsies Detox Patches

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