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Aches Be Gone !


Over done your work out or hit the sports too hard?


Do you find sprains and strains seem to occur more often these days?


Do you have those niggling aches and pains that ‘come with age’ ?


Or is it just that your body just doesn’t  co-operate with all the things you need to get done?


We have the perfect treatment for those heavy aching muscles, sprains, and swollen joints.


Our special blend of quality Australian sourced ingredients found in our Muscle Balm have been formulated with you in mind. They bring fast, effective, affordable, and long-lasting relief.


Muscle Balm is used Australia wide by many Remedial Therapists, and some of Australia’s elite sportspeople.  It harnesses the healing properties of Arnica, Clove, St John’s Wort, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Eucalyptus, and  Chilli in a 100% natural base.


Instructions:   Apply Natures Garden Muscle Balm sparingly to injured area two or three time daily  (Wash fingers well with soap due to the chilli oil content of the ointment)


People who use and love Natures Garden Muscle Balm Ointment, also use our convenient purse or gym bag sized Pain Free Spray.  This cleverly crafted and highly absorbable, nongreasy, powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory formula is the perfect  adjunct for  targeted rapid pain relief. It serves as an ideal top up treatment when you are out and about.


Instructions: Pain Free spray shake bottle then spray 2-3 times on area of discomfort as often as needed. Massage in well.

You may also benefit from our Easy Move Joint & Muscle Formula. See our website for details.


Look out for our amazing combination special offer on our Web site .The ‘Aches Be Gone Package ‘ ( a full-size Muscle Balm and Pain Free Spray) will save you money…why not buy 2 and save even more!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line or call to speak to our resident Consulting Naturopath.

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