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At Smart Choice Health & Beauty, we take pride in offering a wide selection of all-natural oil fragrances that allow you to indulge in captivating scents while embracing the benefits of nature. Our online store is dedicated to providing you with high-quality oil fragrances that are crafted with care and sourced from natural ingredients.

When it comes to fragrance, we believe that the beauty of nature holds endless possibilities. Our collection of all-natural oil fragrances are carefully curated to offer you captivating scents that are free from synthetic additives and harsh chemicals. We understand the importance of using pure ingredients, and that's why we source our fragrances from trusted suppliers who prioritise natural and sustainable practices.


Our  beautiful blends are made with high quality, pure essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and organic carrier oils. These are beautifully created 100% natural perfume oils formulated with specific attributes in mind. 
Our Essence Oil Blends work synergistically to promote subtle emotional qualities.
Each batch is lovingly crafted by hand. 
Purity and freshness are guaranteed.
Eden Botanicals' Essence Oil blends may be used as natural perfumes or as relaxing bath oils. To use as a natural perfume oil, apply a drop or two to your pulse or pressure points. The natural fragrance will release slowly over a period of several hours. For use as a bath oil, add five to ten drops to the bath water and enjoy.



Eden Botanicals Hand Blended Oil Fragrance 8.5ml

SKU: 0018
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