*Paraffin free – clean burning *100% Australian beeswax.
*Hand made *Tapered end suitable for all ages.
*Includes wrapped Garlic Oil capsule.

Hand-rolled and tapered to ensure the best fit.

Ear Candling has it's origins in Chinese, Egyptian and American Indian cultures. Our candles are made from 100% pure cotton and West Australian beeswax. Easy to follow instructions are on the inside of your wrapper. 

Earaches may be a result of fluid build-up, trauma, dental issues, sinusitis, flu or hay fever.

For relief from migraine, swimmers or glue ear and the discomfort when flying or diving, Birte's has proven to be a great aid.

The garlic oil capsule can be taken orally if not needed for the ear candling treatment.

Remember, earwax performs a vital role in keeping your ear canal happy and healthy.

Birte's, quality-assured, value guaranteed.

If symptoms persist, seek to advise from your healthcare professional.

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Why Choose Birte’s Ear Candles Over Other Brands?

• You are supporting a wholly owned and operated Australian small business.
• You are buying a product made with premium ingredients.
• You are buying candles that are hand rolled and tapered to give an excellent fit for all ears.
• Birte’s Ear Candles are long burning for superior draw and a better outcome.
• Birte’s Ear Candles are safe to use for all ages.
• When buying your Birte’s Ear Candles, You have the assurance of a product carrying a ARTG number.
• Birte’s Ear candles are quality assured and are the preferred Ear Candle for most Ear Candling Therapists.
• Birte’s Ear Candles may assist with earache, vertigo, swimmers or glue ear, pain associated with scuba diving and flying, migraine and hay fever or post-nasal drip.


Ear Candle FAQs




Ear candling – also known as coning – is an ancient health practise that draws excess wax, impurities, and infection-causing microorganisms from the ears using a specially-designed candle. It can also work to release built-up pressure associated with hay fever and sinusitis.


What are the benefits of ear candles?


• Candling thoroughly cleans out the ears. The lighted ear candle quickly uses up the oxygen in the hollow candle, creating a vacuum … this then draws out excess wax, bacteria, and other contaminants from the middle and outer ear.


• It helps in cases of TMJ and jaw disorders. The warmth created by the flame comes into play as it soothes the pain that comes with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, misaligned jaws, and strained muscles around the ear and jawline.


• It aids in the relief of stress as well as several neurological disorders. Ear candling is a traditional remedy for headaches and vertigo. In a more contemporary context, many spas offer it as a way of taking the edge off stress, relaxing both the mind and body.


• It helps with colds, flu, and respiratory issues. Candling the ears, when one has either a cold or the flu, helps relieve some of the stuffiness in one's head. Some practitioners also claim that, along with cold-related earaches, it can also relieve other issues related to the respiratory tract such as sore throats


How long does ear candling take?


Using quality, hand-rolled ear candles takes approximately 30  for both ears. It is not recommended to cone only one ear.  


How often should you candle your ears?


Ideally, one should do candling every quarter or as the seasons change. However, people experiencing chronic ear blockage or discomfort should schedule a session every two weeks until the ear passages are clear.


Do candles help with fluid in the ears?


The jury is still out on this one. Some practitioners claim that the heat of the candle is enough to dry up any fluid that accumulates in the ear due to an infection or a case of a swimmer's ear. However, some recommend checking with an otolaryngologist first before undergoing the procedure.


Do ear candles relieve sinus pressure?


Yes...see earlier.


Birte's Ear Candles

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