Why should you become a Smart Choice subscriber?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

We only send out 1 email a month, no constant spamming!

Monthly comp

To say thank you to our loyal subscribers we give EVERYONE on our subscriber list a chance to win a FREE product of their choice to add to their next order... EVERY month!

So simple!

*Winner chosen randomly by number draw from our subscriber list.

*Winner drawn 10am AEST on day of e-newsletter distribution.

*Winner announced in monthly e-newsletter/email.

*Winner will be notified separately private by email.

*1 extra entry awarded for subscribers who have made a purchase within the draw month, any purchases made in that month but after draw date will carry over to next month.

*Free product of choice will be sent out with the subscribers next order.

*12 chances to to win every year!

PLUS you will get

  • Up to date info

  • Deals

  • New product

  • Health tricks and tips


  • Support a small Aussie business (thank you!)

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