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The What, Where, and When of Fulvic Acid

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic Acid is chock full of essential minerals and nutrients that most people are missing due to today’s modern farming methods, which don’t allow for the enrichment of the soil to occur as in organically grown plants.

Unfortunately, many people today don’t have access to organic foods. Most people consume

highly processed modern diet, causing deficiencies in at least several key nutrients vital to

optimum health.

Where does Fulvic Acid come from?

Fulvic Acid is a vital component of humus that we will focus on here today. Humus is made up of decaying organic compounds found in soil, rock sediments, and water. It is created by the gradual decomposition of plant and animal life by microorganisms. This is how mother earth recycles her waste products and turns them into useful, life-giving nutrients.

This process releases millions of beneficial bacteria improving immunity and protecting the gut and skin health, by healing wounds or irritations caused by eczema, bug bites or rashes

associated with fungus/microbes.

The Fulvic Acid found in this Humus also contains nutrients and active compounds. These

include Trace Minerals, Electrolytes, Fatty Acids, Prebiotics, Probiotics, and silica (which boosts collagen synthesis) helping to improve cognitive function and slow down the ageing


Fulvic Acid releases hydrogen ions into your body, creating an electrical charge that helps

attract free radicals, heavy metals, radioactive waste, and chemicals used in agriculture within the body, allowing it to act like a detoxification agent. Improves energy levels due to increased detoxification, lower levels of inflammation, and free

radical damage.

This also makes Fulvic Acid useful for lowering chronic nerve pain, headaches joint pain caused by arthritis or bone, and muscle pains associated with ageing.

When to take Fulvic Acid?

It’s a good idea to take it around the time of eating since it counteracts and detoxifies contaminants such as pesticides, and chemicals found in foods that are not organically grown.

You can take it half an hour before eating or 2 hours after to improve detox abilities. If on

medication take Fulvic two hours before or after taking medication.

Chlorine which is found in mains water interacts with Fulvic Acid in a negative manner, dilute

the Fulvic Acid in filtered or bottled water.

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