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Looking after your mental health, now more important than ever

For most of us; we have never faced more pressure, more stress, more uncertainty or felt less in control of our lives as we try to navigate through life with Covid 19.

Some of us have lost our jobs, or had to close our business. Many have found themselves unable to get accommodation, either renting or purchasing.

So, what to do to keep ourselves feeling positive and able to "roll with the punches"?

Never underestimate the power of sun sourced Vitamin D. By simply spending 10-15 minutes every day out in the garden or sitting on your balcony or taking a walk without sunblock, boosts your immunity and releases the endorphins that enhance your mood.

Try to talk to someone every day if you can, either a quick chat to the neighbour, a phone call to friend or family or one of the many help lines if you feel you need that support.

Music can be a fantastic way to cheer yourself up. Sing along and dance….no-one is watching.

Maybe you love the smell of roses or citrus or tropical frangipani? Treat yourself to a diffuser and burn 100% natural essential oils to lift your mood and transport you to somewhere beautiful.

Exercise does wonders for you... gentle yoga, some meditation with movement, maybe a little walk with a friend or the family pooch. Too hard? Rearrange your furniture to spice things up a bit.

Lastly, make sure that you eat well and limit your alcohol intake as alcohol acts as a depressant for many people and may cause you to feel aggressive.

Please take care of yourself and those you love. Keep safe and stay healthy.

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