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Health Food Superstar

Did you know the humble beetroot is actually an amazing health food superstar?

Not only is this root vegetable full of vitamins and minerals PLUS antioxidants it is super versatile, use as a juice or a salad, even roast it up or try carpaccio.

It has been touted with benefits such as improving exercise stamina, keeping blood pressure low, liver support, slowing the onset of dementia, liver support plus general health with its plentiful supply of potassium, electrolytes, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper & iron.

Added beauty bonus the juice can be used as a natural lip tint or blush!

If lockdown or the lifting of it has had you indulging why not eat your way back to optimum health.

What's your fave way to eat or drink the beet? Let us know in the comments below...

Looking for a magnesium supplement to helps with muscle function, bone strength or improved sleep?

Check out HydroCal an easy to drink formula suitable for all:

Adults • Elderly people • Vegans • Children, and • Diabetics.

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