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Ear, Nose or Throat ?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Why buy Birte’s Ear Candles over other brands?

  • You are supporting a wholly owned and operated Australian small business.

  • You are buying a product made with premium ingredients.

  • You are buying candles that are hand rolled and tapered to give an excellent fit for all ears.

  • Birte’s Ear Candles are long burning for superior draw and a better outcome.

  • Birte’s Ear Candles are safe to use for all ages.

  • When buying your Birte’s Ear Candles, You have the assurance of a product

  • carrying a ARTG number.

  • Birte’s Ear candles are quality assured and are the preferred Ear Candle for most Ear Candling Therapists.

Birte’s Ear Candles may assist with earache, vertigo, swimmers or glue ear, pain associated with scuba diving and flying, migraine and hay fever or post -nasal drip.

Contraindicated for: Recent ear nose and throat surgery. People with ear drains. People with perforated ear drums

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