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Ear Candling Using Birte’s Ear Candles

Updated: May 12, 2021

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Where Does Earwax Come From?

The outer ear is the funnel-like ear canal section of the ear, which extends from the pinna (the earflap on the side of the head) to the eardrum. The skin of the ear canal has glands that produce the waxy oil called cerumen. The wax protects the ear by trapping dust, micro-organisms, and foreign particles and prevents them from entering and damaging the ear. The wax usually makes its way to the opening of the ear where it falls out or is removed by cleaning. Earwax is nature’s defense, preventing foreign particles from reaching the eardrum. Ear wax also acts as a temporary water repellent. The absence of earwax may result in dry, itchy ears.

Are Your Ears Blocked?

The glands may produce more wax than can be easily excreted out of the ear. This extra wax may harden within the ear canal and block the ear. More commonly the ear canal becomes blocked when attempts to clean the ear using things like cotton wool buds, napkin corners, and pencils push the wax further into the ear canal causing a blockage.

Here Is The Complete Process Of Ear Candling Using Birte's Ear Candles:

1. You will need one pair of Birte’s Ear Candles, matches, a small towel, a glass of water, cotton wool, and a friend. 2. Lie down in a comfortable position on your side. Ensure that there is no draught – close windows and doors, etc 3. Cover the area around the ear with a small towel. Always have a partner hold the Ear Candle. 4. Light the Ear Candle and gently insert tapered end, using a gentle twisting action. 5. Rest the hand lightly on the side of the head, supporting the Ear Candle in a vertical position. 6. As the Candle burns, a vacuum is created drawing out debris and relieving pressure. 7. Allow the Candle to burn until 5-7 cm remains (2-3 inches) – no further down than the green line. 8. Cracking and hissing sounds may be heard. The flame may become high and send off black smoke from the top, this indicated debris being drawn into the Candle. If grey smoke appears from between the Candle and the ear, reposition the Candle. 9. Remove the Ear Candle and extinguish it in water. 10. Repeat for the other ear. 11. Place a small ball of cotton wool in the ears after Ear Candling, to retain the warmth generated by the Candle.

We recommend a drop of garlic oil (capsule included) in the ear prior to candling to help soften hard wax. However, do not waste it; taken orally, garlic is also of benefit. Not recommended without Practitioner advice, if you have any of the following: The perforated eardrum, after recent surgery, cysts in the ear, ear drains, acquired hearing loss, congenital hearing loss, osteosclerosis, or tumour of the ear.

Those participating must assume full responsibility and not hold the manufacturer or seller in any way liable.

Birte’s Ear Candles are registered on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

ARTG Number 137896. Manufactured by Birte’s Ear Candles.

Distributed by SMART CHOICE HEALTH & BEAUTY. PO Box 994, Rockingham WA 6968

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