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Detox and renew while you sleep

Our Footsies are so easy to use…they are all-natural, toxin absorbing detox foot patches. This revolutionary detox foot patch exclusively formulated and produced by a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, works by using the reflexology points on the soles of your feet.


The Footsies program comprises of one of the most proactive and convenient ways to remove toxins from the body.   They absorb toxins and assist with swelling.  Toxins are expelled through the soles of your feet while you sleep; enhancing your energy, improving circulation, removing heavy metals, and protecting you from illness and disease!


These Japanese detox foot patches come in three different formulations, making it easier for you to use with confidence, depending on your body’s ability to detox.



Do not contain chitosan or pepper.

Enriched with a very selective high-quality wood and bamboo vinegar.

Great for vegans and people with allergies to shellfish or red pepper.



Contains 70% Tourmaline emitting ions. emitting far infrared this aids extra absorbency. Enriched with a very selective high-quality wood and bamboo vinegar.


XTRA:                                   (A GREAT ALL-ROUND USEFUL FOOT PATCH)

Containing red pepper for extra strength.

Enriched with a very selective high-quality wood and bamboo vinegar.


As toxins and heavy metals are removed through your feet, you may find an increased efficiency  in your blood circulation, feel more energised and less fatigued.


How to apply your footsies:

Place one patch on sole of each foot before you go to bed and leave them on till morning.

When you wake up in the morning go to the shower/bath and remove there, as the patches will have drawn out toxins from your feet overnight and can make your feet sticky.

The colour change can be quite dramatic from the original white colour, to grey, brown, greenish black and or black, depending on the level of toxins in your body.

For maximum benefit follow the nightly program for a minimum of 10 days (one box).

We recommend you do the program 4 times a year at change of season or more if your lifestyle/health require.


 Our Foosties are manufactured in Japan and are a certified therapeutic medical device.

This diagram tells you where to place your patches for different outcomes.

ZONE 1 Hay Fever,Sinusitis,Glue Ear,Lungs

ZONE 2 Gas,Constipation, Bloating,Bowels

ZONE 3 Liver & kidney Function,Digestion

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