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Christmas time means customer gifts!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Christmas is near and we are so excited to announce a free gift for our lovely members.

Every single order going out from the first of December 2022 until Christmas will receive a BONUS 100ml Personal BodyGuard Travel Spray... absolutely free!

It's our gift to you to say thank you for your loyal business keeping this small business alive.

Don't forget to use your Smarties for DISCOUNTS and FREE product!

*rewards program hosted by

*membership is free to Smart Choice customers

*5 Smarties rewarded for every pre-GST $1 spent

*100 Smarties = $1 discount

*start redeeming order discount from as little as $1

*allergic to tech? If you prefer ordering via phone/email or in person ask us about having the team manually adding your smarties to your Smart Choice account with each order.

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